Monday, January 18, 2010

Money, Money, Money

I'm surprised not see any responses to my previous post. I was sure a self identified "patriot" would have left a robust and bountiful list of imaginative insults. of course, this blog is young...

I just wanted to leave a quick note- China and the United Nations "formalized" its request for a new global reserve currency to replace the dollar. Its just a matter of time folks. A single financial system is in the works. What are the advantages?

1) No exchange rates

2) Increased financial transparency among the financial powers of the world

3) Greater financial stability- at least ideally

4) A single financial system should resolve a great deal of the wealth imbalance

There are disadvantages- decreased national autonomy, etc but these issues are not that much of an issue to me.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


This blog is for the serious and reasonable discussion of the establishment of a global government in which all people will be accountable. I will start this ongoing debate by stating the foundations of my position:

  1. Humanity has been in organized, large-scale conflict since its creation
  2. These conflicts have cost billions of lives, both in terms of death, and those that suffer long-term consequences of war
  3. These conflicts have consumed great resources and have detracted from the collective good of humanity
  4. Our resources are finite and must be shared equally
  5. Our resources are finite and must be properly managed
  6. The environment is either changing or will change in the future and humanity must be prepared
  7. The existence of the nation-state is an unending cycle of haves and have-nots that will forever be the ultimate cause of wars and poverty
  8. Humanity cannot continue in this state forever and therefor we must start to think for the species and not for whatever banner brings personal comfort
  9. Finally, I believe this government is inevitable; however if the creators of this government believe that "we the people" will resist the idea, they will carry out this task in secret. In short, participate and have a say in what happens or resist and be unhappy with the result

Let's discuss our future and work to shape it as one species, on one planet, with one government.